Steven Roland

Steven Roland

Full-stack Developer

Since 2011 I have been focused on both front-end and back-end web development to offer solutions that are thoughtful, personal, and deeply valuable across the finance, education, and retail industries.

My experience stems largely from my roles in retail and customer service. As a result, I have always been driven to solve problems for people from all over the world, to make their lives easier, and to connect them with each other.

Personal Details

Current Location

Pensacola, Florida

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Hiking, photography, woodworking




Web Developer

I began working on a freelance basis as a consultant and web developer for some family and friends on a variety of projects ranging from legal software to a travel website and drop-shipping business. Over the years, I have also been able to help other agencies and developers in the PHP and JavaScript spaces.
2022 - PRESENT

A Tall Stack project centered around building tools for businesses of all sizes.
2019 - PRESENT

A design and marketing portfolio site, build with Jigsaw, TailwindCSS, and Alpine.js.
2013 - PRESENT

My personal website where I curate content of all kinds. It's built with Laravel Folio, Livewire Volt, Tailwind CSS, and Alpine.js.
2013 - PRESENT

A Jigsaw site with TailwindCSS and Alpine.js.

Automated Health Systems

Florida Healthy Kids

Using Angular and Tailwind, this project replaces a legacy PHP solution for low or no-cost insurance for kids.

ProCom Consulting

Florida Department of Health Early Steps
2020 - 2021

A VisualVault integration for children who have or are at- risk for developmental disabilities or delays, using SQL with JavaScript on the front and back end.

ProCom Consulting

City of Lincoln, Nebraska Permits & Licensing
2020 - 2021

A VisualVault integration for permits and licensing, using SQL with JavaScript on the front and back end.

Apero Creative Development

Paddling Clubs

A bespoke Laravel membership site for adventurers in North America using Bootstrap Material and Vue.

Apero Creative Development

Paddling Maps

A Laravel map application, mapping out the best rapids to explore, using Bootstrap Material and Vue.

Kelley Roland

Let’s Go Travel Shop


A WordPress-powered online retail shop centered around travel, using Bootstrap and Vue.


The Boutique Hub

Web Developer

It was an honor and true privilege to work with the entire team at The Boutique Hub. Together, we built an amazing wholesale marketplace and fostered the incredible ideology of “Community over competition”.

2021 - 2023

The best wholesale marketplace for brands and boutiques. I helped build this greenfield project with tools like Laravel, Laravel Livewire, Alpine.js, and Tailwind CSS.

Tallahassee, Florida & Remote


Web Developer

I joined the team at ADVFN in mid-2018 as a full-time PHP developer to work on their financial data website. During my time, we added a robust cryptocurrency offering to the site while redeveloping many legacy financial tools with Vue.js and upgrading to the most recent version of the Bootstrap framework.


2019 - 2020

A playground to prototype next generation of ADVFN tools built with the power of Laravel, Vue, and Tailwind.

Happy Pool
2018 - 2020

A Yii-based crypto mining pool that uses no frameworks, just plain vanilla CSS and JavaScript.
2018 - 2020

A PHP-based financial data website with a 20+ year legacy. I helped modernize tools with Bootstrap 4, jQuery, Vue, and SCSS.


A companion website to ADVFN’s Freeloadr crypto mining app, this Laravel website uses Bootstrap 4 and Vue on the frontend.

Swamp Team

2018 - 2019

An internal Florida-swamp-based team portal for chatting and storing shared documents, built with Laravel, Bootstrap, and Vue.

Tallahassee, Florida & Remote

Contextual Code

Web Developer

As a web developer working with the Contextual Code team, I primarily worked on eZPublish-based client websites and some internal MEAN stack applications.

Contextual Office


An internal tool for measuring developer productivity and updates, built with Bootstrap and Angular.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
2016 - 2017

An eZ-Publish site that enabled FDACS employees to post agency news and updates, styled by custom SCSS and scripted with jQuery.

Alabama Credit Union
2016 - 2017

A marketing site built with eZ-Publish, this project uses SCSS and jQuery to attract and retain customers.

Modern Language Association
2016 - 2017

An academic language and literature site powered by eZ-Publish, we wrote custom SCSS and used jQuery help this client "strengthen the study and teaching of language and literature".

Florida State University
2016 - 2017

FSU’s eZ-Publish-backed knowledge portal, bespoke SCSS and jQuery kept students learning.

The One Week Boutique
2016 - 2017

An eZ-Publish marketing site for Tallahassee’s seasonal kids’ clothing consignment pop-up shop, using Bootstrap and jQuery.