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Laravel Breeze

Laravel Breeze is a minimal and lightweight starter kit for Laravel, a popular PHP web framework. It provides a simple way to set up authentication, including registration, login, and password reset functionality, allowing developers to quickly bootstrap new Laravel projects with basic user management features.

Laravel Envoy

Laravel Envoy is a powerful task runner and SSH manager for Laravel applications. It allows developers to define common tasks and deployment scripts in a simple and expressive way, enabling efficient automation of deployment, server provisioning, and other server-related tasks for Laravel projects.

Laravel Folio

Laravel Folio is a powerful page based router designed to simplify routing in Laravel applications.

Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge is a robust server management and deployment tool designed specifically for Laravel applications. It simplifies the process of provisioning and configuring servers, automating tasks like deploying applications, managing SSL certificates, and monitoring server performance, enabling developers to focus on building and deploying Laravel projects with ease.

Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream is a robust application scaffolding for Laravel, providing a starting point for building modern, dynamic web applications. It integrates with popular front-end frameworks like Livewire and Inertia.js, offering pre-built authentication, team collaboration features, and customizable UI components, enabling developers to create feature-rich Laravel applications more efficiently.

Laravel Livewire

Laravel Livewire is a full-stack framework for Laravel that simplifies the development of dynamic web applications by allowing developers to build interactive interfaces using Blade templates and Laravel components. It enables real-time, reactive UI updates without writing JavaScript, offering a seamless experience for developers creating modern, dynamic web applications within the Laravel ecosystem.

Laravel Nova

Laravel Nova is a premium administration panel for Laravel applications, providing a powerful and customizable interface for managing and monitoring application data. It offers features like advanced filters, metrics, and visualizations, simplifying complex tasks for developers and making it easier to build and manage Laravel-powered applications.

Livewire Volt

Volt is an elegantly crafted functional API for Livewire that supports single-file components, allowing a component's PHP logic and Blade templates to coexist in the same file.


Moqups is a cloud-based visual design and wireframing tool that enables users to create and collaborate on diagrams, wireframes, and interactive prototypes. It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of pre-built components, making it a popular choice among designers and developers for creating mockups and prototypes for websites and applications.